The reason, the motivation and what drives the entire Vagheggi philosophy is a desire to make known the excellence of real ‘made in Italy’, unique cosmetics, tailored skincare designed and formulated to adapt perfectly to any skin type, from Australia to Canada, from Finland to Arab countries.
The soul of every cosmetic production is “green oriented”, the raw materials are strictly selected for their geographic origins, concentration of active ingredients, seasonality, method of harvesting and observance of fair trade policies. The entire production cycle takes place in house – research, formulation, testing, production and packaging are all carried out internally to guarantee maximum safety, efficiency, flexibility and speed of deliveries and ensure the style of an Italian design famous worldwide.
More than 300 cosmetics to meet any need of the face and body, for professional use in beauty salons and also at home, the outcome of knowhow dating back to 1975.

In the 100-seat amphitheatre at our headquarters, we hold training courses, explaining not only the product ingredients and their use, but also advanced marketing strategies for better promotion of our brand on the market. Our instructors speak fluent English, French and Spanish and are available for transfers abroad to give in-depth training suited to distributors’ needs and requests.


Our knowhow and skills, developed in 40 years of experience, have become business models reproduced successfully in different countries around the world. Canada, for example, was the first country to believe in and share our philosophy of research into excellence, becoming the first point of reference for professional aesthetics. While in China, Cindy Ho and her staff have set up a network of more than 100 employees and eight branches that cover the whole country. The most elegant Austrian spa resorts are managed by our distributor Mirjam Gran, Taiwan and Thailand have developed Vagheggi concept store chains and, thanks to an intelligent use of online communication, Malaysia is creating a very loyal client community.
Our distributors share our values and our strategies and make a proactive contribution with their suggestions regarding habits, national characteristics and the talents in the different locations, bringing ‘Made in Italy’ even closer to the culture and lifestyle of every single country.
If seriousness, pursuit of real quality and innovation are your values – contact us, we will be pleased to get to know you and share our winning strategies, allowing you to become our distributors (or distribution partners).