The new Vagheggi headquarters, inaugurated in September 2011, is a modern, multi-purpose location for dialogue and meetings thanks to new-gen laboratories, classrooms for training and practical demonstrations, cutting-edge production areas and rooms for interdisciplinary meetings with representatives from academia, journalists and associations. All with a view to cooperation between the elements of water, earth, fire and air.

The strong decisive character of the new Vagheggi headquarters is immediately apparent. A 40-metre wide wall looks to have been ‘scratched’ by a deliberate, vertical ‘cut’ that characterises the main façade to create an impressive entrance with a 9-metre tall main door, in flamed metal treated with natural oil that is a unique artistic feature.
The interiors are divided into four basic zones:

Production is characterised by specific experimentation into both architecture and materials. The most modern equipment is used here, together with total control of air, water and temperature, necessary for guaranteeing the highest quality and preventing the risk of contamination. This area is in turn divided into five quite separate zones: storage of raw materials, semi-finished production, storage of semi-finished products (‘quarantine’), packaging, storage of finished products.

The splendid Beauty Farm is a large light-filled amphitheatre. Designed for training, it has a maximum capacity of one hundred and overlooks the internal garden. Natural light, the green vegetation of the garden and blue of the sky, to help the mind soar and the body relax.

The area dedicated to the laboratories is the heart of our company where the Vagheggi Research and Development teams study and create products and treatments with seductive precious alchemies. Inside aseptic environments separated by large glazed partitions, the colours of the raw materials and natural ingredients from all over the world play the leading role and the fragrances of fine essences are all pervading.

Between laboratories and the production area are the fabulous, modern, light-filled offices. The main meeting room has a decidedly unusual atmosphere, allowing participants to sit comfortably around a large fireplace, even during a business meeting. At this point, a delightful tea-room was a must, somewhere to entertain guests and clients in enjoyable peace and quiet.

Thanks to its premises, Vagheggi puts forward a personal concept of beauty that becomes one with the elements of nature in a perfect fusion of tradition and contemporaneity.

The genesis of all our design draws on the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. Water springs out of the wonderful fountain in the central garden and is visually linked with the interiors through the windows.
The patio becomes a kind of open-air room for welcoming visitors.
Fire and earth also feature outside too, in the special finish in the gates and the main door, produced by burning metal with a blowtorch.

All the furnishings and materials express the attention paid by Vagheggi to traceability and sustainability. For example, we decided to use furniture made from pine treated with water-based varnishes that do not alter its natural look, teamed with Corian, a very stark technical material with a monolithic appearance.