Research, development, production, packaging and testing are all stages carried out in our plant in Italy. We have constant, uninterrupted, direct control of all our production chain.

Creativity and innovation, which are typical values of ‘made in Italy’, are our drivers for formulation and communication. 8 lines for the face, 4 for the body, 2 luxury lines, 1 of make-up, 1 line of sun products and 3 special editions every year are the result of our creative ‘genius’.

Taste, style and attention to details make our packaging and promo material stand out. We have also chosen coloured satin-finish glass for our cream jars, inspired by the Italian art of glass blowing and for our boxes we have selected the typographic art of punchcutting to lend significance to the line. Furthermore, the packaging feels almost silky to the touch, almost like caress to the face.

Our ability to read history and interpret future trends, combined with passion, constancy, dedication and culture have allowed to export to over 60 countries worldwide.
The most important foreign markets for us are China, Canada, Taiwan, Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Spain, Eastern European countries, United States, Australia and, currently, we are looking to penetrate the emerging markets of Russia and South America.


Vagheggi reworks the tradition of natural cosmetics with the most advanced laboratory and analysis technologies, with conception of ‘unique’ products based on scrupulous selection of raw materials based on their geographic origins, concentration of their active ingredients, seasonality and harvesting method (e.g. Lavender from Upper Provence picked in June, White Amazon Clay, Antarctic Mud, the Resurrection Plant from the Central American desert, etc.). This carefully controlled process of study, selection and processing means Vagheggi makes unique “bespoke” cosmetics, each element meticulously studied and chosen to become part of a particular product for a certain need, based on synergy of its active ingredients.
In other words, a choice of qualitative excellence that refuses standardisation.