ESSENCE MIST – Soothing moisturising mist

A hydrating mist of Aloe distilled water enriched with hyaluronic acid, to spray at any time of the day to refresh and give radiance to the skin. It protects and makes the skin more receptive to the following treatments.

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Scented Body Oils Limited Edition

Fragrances for your beauty

The new exclusive line of Scented Body Oils in a limited edition: 4 different fragrances for a unique olfactory journey. A range of compelling and original scents that includes active ingredients of the highest quality that make the skin softer, hydrated, nourished and help prevent skin aging.

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Gel-like mask

The incredible characteristic of this powder from the sea is that once water is added, it turns into an instant gel-like mask. Its light texture, reminiscent of a sorbet, has a cooling, soothing effect on the area around the eyes and an anti-ageing action all over the face, neck and décolleté. The skin looks smoother […]

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Fuoco line

Sculpting, redensifying and anti-cellulite action

A pure passion for experimenting and finding constantly new products that meet the different user needs has led us to FUOCO. This new line is like a brief yet intense journey, a yearning for inebriating new textures, new active ingredients, incredible sensations and immediate results. Professional treatment enables us to experience alternating sensations of heat […]

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Lime Vitamin C Line

Anti-oxidant action

The Vitamin C Linea Lime is the ideal solution for protecting skin from attack by free radicals and consequent oxidation and for a guaranteed regenerating effect on skins stressed by different factors that would cause early ageing.

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Rehydra Line

Supreme Moisturization

Water is the most valuable asset for life. “Quenching” the skin and keeping it constantly hydrated is the most important step in cosmetic treatment of the skin in general, above for those skins that, always or at particular moments in life, suffer from dryness and aridity.

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